Twenty-First Century Mercutio.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate Sarah Urist Green? She’s intelligent and passionate and beautiful and confident. She’s a mother and a wife and a business woman. She deserves so much more recognition than she receives.

If you haven’t checked out The Art Assignment yet, you definitely should because I have learned so much from her!!

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I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

This is groundbreaking

this is my third time rebloging this today. this is so important.

I have goosebumps

because were all trying to heal the child that was broken


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my fall look today is winged eyeliner, plum lipstick, and a look on my face like i’m fucking your boyfriend and can’t wait for you to find out.

My fall look is simple liner with bold lashes, burgundy lipstick, a gleam in my  eyes that let’s men know that I’ll suck their dick, their money out of their bank accounts, and the souls right out of their bodies.

this is my favorite post on tumblr currently

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